Dominique Ruggieri, PhD

Dominique Ruggieri, PhD
Senior Fellow

Core Faculty in the MPH Program, Founder & CEO of BonVie Health and Nutrition Consulting

Public Health Interests

Health Behavior, Health Communication, Pediatrics

Current Public-Health Related Activities

As a public health professional who specializes in health communication, Dr. Ruggieri designs messages for improved health engagement and decision making, tailoring them for diverse cultural and low-literacy populations. She believes that tailored health messages are an important first step toward improved understanding and decision making about health behaviors. Her research and consulting work have been applied to numerous health areas, such as type 2 diabetes, smoking cessation, colorectal cancer, risk communication, and pediatric obesity. While she enjoys working in all areas of health, her greatest passion is in designing messages to educate individuals about obesity, nutrition, and exercise. Prior to coming to Penn, Dr. Ruggieri taught various public health courses for Temple University and Saint Joseph's University. Her university teaching has primarily focused on stress management; counseling techniques; pediatric health; and obesity, nutrition, and exercise. Dr. Ruggieri is well known for her “consumer and user friendly” approach to assist people in understanding sometimes complex dietary issues. Her greatest passion in research and practice centers on parental perceptions of BMI report cards and lifestyle factors affecting healthy eating and weight management for children and adults.

Select Publications:

Ruggieri, D.G. African American Parents' Knowledge and Perceptions about BMI Measurements, School-Based BMI Screening Programs, and BMI Report Cards: Results from a Qualitative Investigation and Implications for School-to-Parent Communication. Journal of Racial and Ethnic Health Disparities.

Ruggieri, D.G. & Bass, S.B. (2015). A Comprehensive Review of School-Based BMI Screening Programs and Their Implications for School Health: Do the Controversies Accurately Reflect the Research? Journal of School Health, 85, 1, 61-72.

Fleisher, L., Ruggieri, D.G., Miller, S.M., Albrecht, T., Buzaglo, J., et al. (2014). Application of best practice approaches for designing decision support tools: The Preparatory Education About Clinical Trials (PRE-ACT) study. Patient Education and Counseling, 96, 1, 63-71.

Ruggieri, D.G., Bass, S.B., Rovito, M.J., Ward, S., Gordon, T.F., et al. (2013). Perceived colonoscopy barriers and facilitators among urban African American patients and their medical residents. Journal of Health Communication, 18, 4, 372-390.