Anastasia Hudgins, PhD

Anastasia Hudgins, PhD
Adjunct Fellow

Co-Founder, Ethnologica

Public Health Interests

Community/Population Health, Environmental Health, Global Health

Current Public-Health Related Activities

Anastasia Hudgins is a sociocultural anthropologist with broad experience in qualitative research who focuses on the relationships between health, human rights and social policy, and her methods prioritize the voices of those who experience a particular social problem in recognition that they are the experts on their lives. Most recently, she led research projects for UNICEF in collaboration with government ministries in Southeast Asia and has worked locally on projects related to patient-centered care in urban emergency rooms; perceptions of risk held by rural Pennsylvanians who live adjacent to hydraulic fracturing well sites; and efforts to acquaint Philadelphia youth with the watershed. Her academic research focused on debt-bonded sex workers in Cambodia and the NGOs that aimed to help them, as well as on the structure of the Cambodian health system.