University’s COVID Response

In the meantime, the University was trying to decide how to safely operate during a pandemic. In March 2020, the undergraduates were sent home from dormitories and classes were moved online. Anyone who could work remotely was asked to do so. In the meantime, the University was learning as much as it could about this new virus and how it could best protect the campus. Integral to these efforts was Dr. Jennifer Pinto-Martin, Executive Director of CPHI.

With the ear of Provost Wendell Pritchett and the Chief Wellness Officer Benoit Dube, Jennifer used her epidemiology training to advise. She became a member of the COVID Response team, a four person group reporting to the Provost and the Executive Vice President Craig Carnaroli on all things related to COVID at the University, including testing protocols, safety on campus, and decisions about student presence on campus.