Rebecca Ashare, PhD

Rebecca Ashare, PhD
Senior Fellow

Research Assistant Professor, School of Medicine/Psychiatry

Public Health Interests

HIV/AIDS, Substance Abuse, Tobacco

Current Public-Health Related Activities

I am a Research Assistant Professor in the Department of Psychiatry with a Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology. My research focuses on identifying risk factors for smoking relapse and evaluating novel treatments to help more people quit smoking. I utilize tools from the fields of neuropharmacology and cognitive neuroscience to understand the mechanisms of efficacy of nicotine dependence treatments. I have two NIDA-funded grants to evaluate repurposed medications as novel treatments for smoking cessation. My research also focuses on developing targeted treatments for smokers with comorbid disorders (e.g., HIV/AIDS) and I have a NIDA-funded R01 that will examine the intersection of smoking, HIV, and cognition.

Select Publications:

Hawk, L.W., Jr., Ashare, R.L., Lohnes, S.F., Schlienz, N.J., Rhodes, J.D., Tiffany, S.T., Gass, J.C., Cummings, K.M. & Mahoney, M.C.: The effects of extended pre-quit varenicline on smoking behavior and short-term abstinence. Clinical Pharmacology & Therapeutics, 91(2):172-180, 2012.

Ashare, R.L., Kimmey, B. A., Rupprecht, L. E., Bowers, M.E., Hayes, M. R. & Schmidt, H. D. Repeated administration of an acetylcholinesterase inhibitor attenuates nicotine taking in rats and smoking behavior in human smokers Translational Psychiatry, Jan 19;6: e713, 2016.

Ashare R.L., Lerman C., Tyndale R.F., Hawk L.W., Jr., George T.P., Cinciripini P. & Schnoll, R.A. Sleep disturbance during smoking cessation: Nicotine withdrawal or side effect of treatment? Journal of Smoking Cessation, Epub 2016/4/12.

Harrison J, Dochney J, Blazekovic S, Leone F, Metzger D, Frank I, Gross R, Hole A, Mounzer K, Siegel S, Schnoll RA, Ashare RL. The Nature and Consequences of Cognitive Deficits among Tobacco Smokers with HIV: A Comparison to Tobacco Smokers without HIV. J Neurovirol, in press.