About MPHThe MPH Program at the University of Pennsylvania

The MPH Program prepares students for leadership by integrating research, education, and service learning in population health problems. We aim to educate professionals from diverse disciplines in the core areas that define public health. Our ultimate goal is to ensure that Penn students and faculty can have the maximum positive impact upon current and future public health problems.

The Penn MPH Program is administered by the School of Medicine and housed in The Center for Public Health Initiatives. Governance of the program includes faculty from all participating Penn schools.

MPH Curriculum

Public health carries out its mission through organized, interdisciplinary efforts that address the physical, mental, and environmental health concerns of communities and populations at risk for disease and injury. This mission is achieved through the application of health promotion and disease prevention technologies and interventions designed to improve and enhance quality of life. All public health curricula focus on the five core knowledge areas of public health: Biostatistics, Epidemiology, Environmental/Occupational Health, Behavioral Sciences, and Health Care Policy and Management, with electives and internship experiences in line with the student's interest. Penn offers specialized programs within most of these knowledge areas and students may focus their studies in one of the 3 tracks: Generalist, Global Health, or Environmental Health.

The program is designed to be a two-year full-time program or a three-year part-time program. However, the time to complete the degree will be extended for those who complete the MPH program in combination with another Penn degree. See Planning for MPH Study.

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MPH Teaching Faculty and Staff Biographies

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