Philadelphia Public Health Student Council

Re:  Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) between the Philadelphia Public Health Student Council (PPHSC) and the University of Pennsylvania

The purpose of this MOU is to outline the expectation of support by member Schools or Universities and to outline the intended activities of the PPHSC.


The Philadelphia Public Health Student Council seeks to provide a platform for collaboration between the graduate students in Public Health degree programs throughout the Greater Philadelphia region.  The PPHSC is a council.  It is designed to have equal representation, two councilpersons, from each of the programs or schools in Greater Philadelphia that provide graduate education in Public Health.  The council may also include other teaching institutions that have programs not offering an MPH, but otherwise have a public health oriented program as determined by current council members.  The Philadelphia Public Health Student Council has been organized

  • To promote and institute collaboration between all Public Health Schools/Programs in the Philadelphia region and between their students, staff and sympathizers.
  • To foster networking and sponsor or organize events that assist in the development of public health interests, issues and (career) plans among students of member schools/programs.
  • To promote public health student advocacy locally and regionally and advise member student organizations on activities and plans that pertain to the Philadelphia Region, directly and indirectly
  • To provide a coordinated effort among member schools/programs on activities in support of National Public Health Week and other events as they may happen


The University of Pennsylvania Master of Public Health Program shall encourage and support student representation on the council. 

The University of Pennsylvania Master of Public Health Program shall promote and encourage student participation in council sponsored events

The University of Pennsylvania Master of Public Health Program shall designate one faculty member to act as a contact and advisor to the student representatives from your institution.  As theFaculty Advisor, the designated faculty member will provide partnership oversight and guidance, as internally determined by your school’s council representatives.  Additionally, the Faculty Advisor, will assist the council in reestablishing the University of Pennsylvania’s MPH representation on the council in the event that student representation has been absent for two consecutive council sessions. 

The University of Pennsylvania Master of Public Health Program can also provide support to their council representatives or the council in the following ways:

  • Assist with the distribution of information about events, meetings and other related items
  • Provide meeting space for the PPHSC (based upon room availability)
  • Provide financial support (to be determined based on need, at the discretion of the MPH program)


PPHSC’s main objective is to increase collaboration among Public Health oriented students from the Philadelphia City region.  We hope to achieve this by sponsoring interschool activities and events.  Events or activities may include:

  • A city wide National Public Health Week Event in April.
  • Representation at the annual APHA student meeting.
  • Social hours/events at the beginning and end of the academic year.
  • Collaboration with the Philadelphia Partners in Public Health.
  • Collaboration with the Pennsylvania Public Health Association.


The purpose of this Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) is to create and/or redefine the framework for the partnership.  

Philadelphia Public Health Student Council (PPHSC) activities will be carried out with support from theUniversity of Pennsylvania. This memorandum and the joint activities outlined in it will take effect starting September 6, 2007 and will be reviewed, initialed, and if necessary, revised on a yearly basis.

Signing this document denotes only that you have read the MOU, understand the scope of the partnership, and have every intention of being involved with the PPHSC coalition at a partnership level. This is not a legally binding document and any party may choose to leave the partnership at any time.