Non-PUBH Generalist Track Electives

MPH students may choose up to three electives from across the campus provided that they have public health content and are taught at the graduate level (500-level and above). These courses below are offered as examples and are not a comprehensive list. As course syllabi change, we recommend checking an updated syllabus for public health related content, as well as any pre-requisites. Additional courses can be approved by academic advisors.

Possible Non-PUBH Generalist Track Electives (up to 3.0 CUs) 

Annenberg School of Communication

  • COMM 623 Health Psychology Seminar
  • COMM 637 Public Health Communication


  • BIOE 565 Rationing and Resource Allocation
  • BIOE 575 Health Policy
  • BIOE 601 Intro to Bioethics

City and Regional Planning

  • CPLN 531 Introduction to Environmental Planning & Policy
  • CPLN 621 Metropolitan Food Systems
  • CPLN 622 Community Development and Public Health

Environmental Studies

  • ENVS 615 Climate Change and Health (not offered every year)
  • ENVS 616 Risk Assessment: Science & Policy Challenges
  • ENVS 648 Issues in Food and Agriculture Policy
  • ENVS 673 The Future of Water


  • EPID 516 Disease Ecology
  • EPID 575 Intro to Genetic Epidemiology
  • EPID 582 Systematic Review and Meta-analysis
  • EPID 646 Reproductive Epidemiology

Government Administration

  • GAFL 641 Program Evaluation and Data Analysis

Health Care Management

  • HCMG 841 Health Services System
  • HCMG 855 Management Health Care for Elderly

Health Policy Research

  • HPR 503 Qualitative Methods Research
  • HPR 607 Health Services Policy Research Methods
  • HPR 610 Achieving Evidence-Based Health Policy (PUBH 537)


  • LAW 606 Refugee Law

Social Policy

  • MSSP 628 Policy Analysis
  • MSSP 629 Research Evaluation Design

Non-Profit Leadership

  • NPLD 510 Social Innovation
  • NPLD 595 Effective Communication and Storytelling
  • NPLD 796 Philanthropy and Fundraising


  • NURS 513 Obesity and Society
  • NURS 515 Sociocultural Influences on Health
  • NURS 516 International Nutrition
  • NURS 532 Cognitive Behavioral Strategies in Health Care
  • NURS 535 Comparative Health Care Systems
  • NURS 540 Current Issues in Health & Social Policy
  • NURS 610 Concentration in Health Care Economics
  • NURS 612 Principles and Practices of Quality Improvement
  • NURS 650 Systems Thinking and Patient Safety
  • NURS 708 Public Policy Leadership Health Care Systems
  • NURS 749 Health, History and Social Policy

Social Work

  • SWRK 703 Impacting Government: Policy Analysis and Coalition Building
  • SWRK 706 Policy for Children and Their Families
  • SWRK 711 Contemporary Social Policy
  • SWRK 713 Understanding Social Change: Issues of Race and Gender
  • SWRK 730 Community Mapping
  • SWRK 736 Building Community Capacity


The courses listed above are approved non-PUBH electives, but should be considered just a starting point when selecting your electives. We encourage students to propose additional courses that meet their learning goals and competencies for approval as a track elective. 

If there is a course you are interested in taking that is not listed here, please contact your academic advisor with the course syllabus to discuss the relevance of this course to your public health training.