Global Health Competencies

  • Demonstrate mastery in methods of population health research to assess, describe, analyze, and evaluate determinants of health in developing countries.

  • Demonstrate knowledge of current global governance and culturally relevant leadership skills to address global public health issues, including: agenda setting, program planning, data management, surveillance and reporting systems.

  • Employ critical thinking and appraisal of the literature to explain the global influences on determinants of health.

  • Apply community development and program planning skills to create effective and culturally relevant communication strategies and interventions to promote health.

  • Apply knowledge of international health law, standards, and regulations to advocate for culturally acceptable solutions to improve health status and conditions in global settings.

  • Evaluate efficacy and cost effectiveness of public health interventions, programs, policies, and health care systems within international setting and global health context.

  • Communicate and collaborate effectively across cultures and national boundaries to create and support effective and sustainable health interventions.