Generalist Track

college of physicians 5/2015MPH students in the Generalist track:

Penn's Generalist Track provides the most flexibility in your public health training. Students have the opportunity to either uniquely focus or remain broad in the selection of their elective courses, their Capstone project, and required fieldwork experience. 

The fourteen course units (14 cu) required for the MPH Generalist Track are described below. Students must take a minimum of 11 cu's under the PUBH prefix.

Core MPH Requirements (9.0 cu)

  • PUBH 501 Introduction to Biostatistics
  • PUBH 502 Introduction to Principles and Methods of Epidemiology
  • PUBH 503 Environmental and Occupational Health
  • PUBH 504 Public Health Theories & Frameworks
  • PUBH 505 Public Health Policy and Administration
  • PUBH 506 Methods for Public Health Practice
  • PUBH 507 Public Health Law & Ethics
  • PUBH 508 Capstone I
  • PUBH 509 Capstone II

Required Fieldwork Experience 125 hours: Students within the Generalist Track will identify (with assistance from MPH program staff and faculty) a practical fieldwork experience that addresses their key public health interests.

Capstone Culminating Experience

In two Capstone Seminars, students will have an opportunity to synthesize the knowledge and public health competencies they have acquired through their coursework, apply them to solving public health problems in their area of interest as well as those of their peers, reflect together to learn from each other and from the relevant body of public health experience including the scientific literature, and begin to develop a common grounding and identity as public health professionals.


All students are required to complete 5.0 cu of elective coursework. A minimum of 2 out of 5 electives must carry the PUBH prefix. 

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