Core Competencies

  • Apply the public health paradigm and a social ecological framework to identify and address the complex determinants of health and health disparities.

  • Apply the tools and methods of biostatistics and epidemiology to the collection, analysis, and interpretation of data.

  • Apply principles and science of environmental health to determining causation of occupational and environmental hazards.

  • Incorporate qualitative and quantitative skills into innovative research and systems approaches to health problems.

  • Assess the public health needs of communities and make evidence-based decisions to evaluate the delivery of health services and programs.

  • Communicate public health information effectively to government, scientific, organizational, family and community groups and individuals.

  • Evaluate the effects of health policy on health services and health outcomes, particularly for vulnerable and underserved populations.

  • Cultivate collaborative partnerships and linkages across disciplines, sectors, and partners to enhance the impact and sustainability of public health programs, practice, and research.