Capstone Experience

The Capstone is a culminating experience required for graduation in the Master of Public Health Program.

In two Capstone Seminars, students will have an opportunity to synthesize the knowledge and public health competencies they have acquired through their coursework, apply them to solving public health problems in their area of interest as well as those of their peers, reflect together to learn from each other and from the relevant body of public health experience including the scientific literature, and begin to develop a common grounding and identity as public health professionals. The overall Capstone experience links these two seminars with mentored research or mentored project in public health. Over the course of the Capstone, students will develop, propose, revise, implement, and present their work. As their projects successfully come to fruition they will also advise their junior colleagues still in the proposal stage.


Capstone programs for student presentations: 

Summer 2021 Capstone Projects
Spring 2021 Capstone Projects
Fall 2020 Capstone Projects
Summer 2020 Capstone Projects
Spring 2020 Capstone Projects
Fall 2019 Capstone Projects
Summer 2019 Capstone Projects