Linda Fleisher, PhD, MPH

Linda Fleisher, PhD, MPH
Associate Fellow

Senior Scientist, Children's Hospital of Philadephia, Research Institute, Center for Injury

Public Health Interests

Health Communication, Health Equity

Current Public-Health Related Activities

I have extensive experience in health communications, designing and leading both regional and national level programs and research projects addressing patients’ information and decision making needs as well as building partnerships with organizations addressing a broad array of public health issues. As Project Director and Principal Investigator for the NCI’s Cancer Information Service for over 17 years our region served over 1/2 million consumers. Building on this program, I developed a portfolio of pragmatic research focused on designing and implementing multi-media educational interventions through this service. I also founded Fox Chase Cancer Center's Patient Resource Education Center in 2000, which is one of the first multi-media patient education programs at a comprehensive cancer center, serving over 30,000 people to date. The REC includes a LiveHelp online program for patients and consumers to ask questions with trained health educators and listings of recommended websites that are evaluated using a scientifically developed tool. I have had extensive experience in developing and implementing surveys with health professionals and patients, as well as developed and conducted formative research (e.g. focus groups, interviews, usability testing). My work has required building networks and partnerships with diverse audiences, including health care organizations, software developers, patients, and community leaders, including a tri-state health disparities network under the NCI’s Cancer Information Service and the current Cancer Health Disparities Network serving 19 states under my adjunct position at Fox Chase. I have recently joined the faculty at Children's Hospital of Philadelphia's Center for Injury Research and Prevention, and am leveraging my extensive background in health communications, digital health and partnerships to lead a digital health initiative focused on translating our knowledge of evaluation and evidence to health app developers, distributors and consumers to ensure that the explosion of mobile health tools are evidence-based and their impact on health improvement are validated.

Select Publications:

Fleisher, L., Wai, C., Myers, R.  Challenges and opportunities: putting into practice research-tested approaches to increase colorectal cancer screening.  Colorectal Cancer (2012) 1(3), 189–192 ISSN 1758-194X.

Fleisher, L., Miller, S., Crookes, D., Kandadai, V., Wen, KY., Slamon, R., Chaivous, J.  Implementation of a Theory-based, Non-clinical Patient Navigator Program to Address Barriers in an Urban Cancer Center Setting.   Journal of Oncology Navigation and Survivorship, (2012).

Fleisher, L., Bass, S.B., Gonzalez, E., Davis, S., Slamon, R., Raivitch, S., Jibaja-Weiss, M., Rustveld, L.O., Kandadai, V., Gibbons, M.C.   Best Practices in Culturally Appropriate Education Approaches, in Ethnicity, Health, and Well-Being, 2014.

Fleisher, L , Ruggieri, D, Miller, SM, Manne, S, Albrecht, T, Buzaglo, J, Collins, M, Katz, M, Kinzy, T, Liu, T, Manning, C, Specker-Charap, E, Millard, J, Miller, D, Poole, D, Raivitch, S, Roach, N, Ross, E, Meropol, N. Application of Best Practice Approaches for Designing Decision Support Tools: The Preparatory Education About Clinical Trials (PRE-ACT) Study, Patient Education &Counseling, 2014