Overview of Program

Penn Law Health Law & Policy Project (HeLPP) is a pro bono organization established by a number of Penn Law students a few years ago. We focus on volunteering our legal skills to contribute to improving health care - in any number of ways - in the Philadelphia area and beyond. HeLPP is a pro bono group at Penn Law that aims to provide opportunities for Penn Law students to gain practical experience in the field of health law and policy in a pro bono setting. Our projects focus on increasing healthcare access and quality, especially for underserved populations, through opportunities where students will directly support patients and conduct research on healthcare delivery and policy. HeLPP is committed to interdisciplinary connections in health care and law to provide the best services for the community.

Students at Penn Law participate in ServiceLink in two different ways. Like students at many of the other schools involved, Penn Law students help with patient benefits enrollment at all of the ServiceLink-affiliated health centers.

Penn Law students also coordinate and oversee the "Know Your Rights" clinics held at ServiceLink-affiliated health centers. At these clinics held a few times each year, local patients and community residents are invited to attend free events where knowledgeable attorneys and law students present valuable health-related information. Topics in the past have ranged from ObamaCare to welfare benefits to advanced directives and living wills.

Our Students

In conjunction with the above, our students attend training sessions both to properly help with ServiceLink benefits enrollment and to know how to operate the Know Your Rights clinics. Students assisting with benefits enrollment work in hourly shifts at health centers to walk patients through the Compass enrollment website on a one-on-one basis. The students involved in the Know Your Rights Clinic prepare presentations, contact speakers, set up the events, advertise for the events, and then survey the population afterward for future use.

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