Joan I. Gluch, PhD

Joan I. Gluch, PhD
Senior Fellow

Associate Dean and Interim Division Chief, School of Dental Medicine, Community Oral Health

Public Health Interests

Community/Population Health, Oral Health, Social Determinants of Health

Current Public-Health Related Activities

At Penn Dental Medicine, Dr. Joan Gluch serves as Associate Dean for Academic Policies, and Chief of the Division of Community Oral Health. She directs the academically based community service learning courses and leads the three PDM clinical outreach programs: Penn Smiles, the mobile children’s dental care program; the dental program at LIFE for low income elderly; and the dental program at Sayre Health Center, for low income children and adults. Dr. Gluch also coordinates the community health honors program, and the dual degree DMD/MPH program for pre-doctoral dental students at Penn. Dr. Gluch’s research interests focus on expanding access to oral health promotion and clinical care in community based settings. She is the principal investigator for the training grant to expand pediatric and community based training for pre-doctoral dental students, received from the Health Resources and Services Administration, 2017-2022. Dr. Gluch also serves as dental school coordinator and program faculty for the Penn community health inter-professional education program, Bridging the Gaps.

Select Publications:

Hexem, K, Ehlers, R, Gluch, JI, Collins, R. Dental patients with major depressive disorder. Current Oral Health Reports (2014) 1:153-160.

Maggio MP, Hariton-Gross K, Gluch JI, The use of independent, interactive media for education in dental morphology. J Dent Ed, 2012

Gluch, JI, As an adjunct to toothbrushing, interdental brushes (IDBs) are more effective in removing plaque as compared with brushing alone or the combination use of toothbrushing and dental floss. J Evid Base Dent Pract 2012, 4:1-3

Gluch, JI, Exploring the Connection: the relationship between respiratory disease and oral health. Dimensions of Dental Hygiene: 7 (10), 54-57.

Gluch, JI. Opportunities to Educate Clients During Dental Hygiene Care. Contemporary Oral Hygiene 4(1), 16-19, 2004