Tanja Kral, PhD

Tanja Kral, PhD
Associate Fellow

Associate Professor, School of Nursing/Department of Biobehavioral Health Sciences, Perelman School of Medicine, Department of Psychiatry

Public Health Interests

Adolescents, Chronic Medical Conditions, Nutrition, Pediatrics

Current Public-Health Related Activities

The overarching goal of my NIH-funded research is to study the cognitive, sensory, and nutritional controls of appetite and eating in children and adults. I use a unique intersection of behavioral genetic, behavioral economic, and experimental research methods to study human ingestive behavior and its implications for obesity. One of my current research projects (R01DK101480) aims to study multiple eating traits concurrently under states of hunger and satiety. It examines the impact of short-term appetite and intake regulation on longer-term energy intake control and weight development in a cohort of ethnically diverse children who are normal-weight or have overweight/obesity and different familial predispositions to obesity. Another project (R21HD091330) aims to develop and test an interactive mobile health (mHealth) nutrition intervention, which incorporates core behavior change strategies that have been empirically tested in family-based nutrition research and behavioral interventions with children with ASD. The feasibility and efficacy of this mHealth intervention to improve dietary outcomes in children with ASD will be tested in a proof-of-concept randomized controlled trial.

Select Publications:

Kral, T.V.E., Chittams, J., Moore, R.H. Relationship between food insecurity, child weight status, and parent-reported child eating and snacking behaviors. Journal for Specialists in Pediatric Nursing, in press.

Kral, T.V.E., Bannon, A.L., Moore, R.H. (2016). Effects of financial incentives for the purchase of healthy grocerieson dietary intake and weight outcomes among older adults: A randomized pilot study. Appetite, 100: 110-117.

Kral, T.V.E., Bannon, A.L., Chittams, J., Moore, R.H. (2016). Comparison of the satiating properties of egg- versus cereal grain-based breakfasts for energy intake control in children. Eating Behaviors, 20: 14-20.

Kral, T.V.E., Souders, M.C., Tompkins, V.H., Remiker, A.M., Eriksen, W.T., Pinto-Martin, J.A. (2015). Child eating behaviors and caregiver feeding practices in children with autism spectrum disorders. Public Health Nursing, 32(5): 488-497.