Stephanie Mayne, PhD, MHS

Stephanie Mayne, PhD, MHS
Senior Fellow

Assistant Professor of Pediatrics

Public Health Interests

Epidemiology, Health Behavior, Obesity, Social Determinants of Health, Tobacco

Current Public-Health Related Activities

I am an epidemiologist and Assistant Professor of Pediatrics at CHOP in the Division of General Pediatrics. My research focuses on cardiometabolic disease prevention from a multi-level perspective. My recent work has focused on tobacco control policies and examining associations of neighborhood environments with health behaviors and cardiovascular disease outcomes using longitudinal and multi-level models. I am also currently involved in primary care innovation work at CHOP.

Select Publications:

Mayne SL, Pool LR, Grobman WA, Kershaw KN: Associations of Neighborhood Crime with Adverse Pregnancy Outcomes Among Women in Chicago: Analysis of Electronic Health Records from 2009-2013. Journal of Epidemiology and Community Health 72(3): 230-236, March 2018.

Mayne SL, Auchincloss AH, Tabb LP, Stehr M, Shikany JM, Schreiner PJ, Widome R, Gordon-Larsen P: Associations of Indoor Bar and Restaurant Smoking Bans with Smoking Behavior in the CARDIA Study: A 25-Year Study. American Journal of Epidemiology 187(6): 1250-1258, June 2018.

Mayne SL, Auchincloss AH, Micheal YL: Impact of Policy and Built Environment Changes on Obesity-Related Outcome: A Systematic Review of Naturally Occurring Experiments. Obesity Reviews 16(5): 362-375, May 2015.