Randall C. Burson II, MD/MPH(c)

Randall C. Burson II, MD/MPH(c)
Associate Fellow

Health Services Research Assistant, Department of Anesthesiology and Critical Care, Hospital of the Unviersity of Pennsylvania

Public Health Interests

Health Services Research

Current Public-Health Related Activities

My overarching goal in public health has been to better understand patients’ health and healthcare experience as they intersect with other aspects of their lived experience, rather than as isolated incidents. By understanding individuals’ expectations, experiences, and environment outside of the healthcare system, we can better meet their needs within the system and aim to provide more patient-centered care. Through my various roles as a Leonard Davis Institute Summer Undergraduate Minority Research (SUMR) Scholar, a research assistant in the Anesthesiology and Critical Care Department, and Fulbright Scholar, I am involved in a host of research experiences relevant to the field of public health and health services.

Select Publications:

Buttenheim A, Fiks A, Burson R, et al. A behavioral economics intervention to increase pertussis vaccination among infant caregivers: A randomized feasibility trial. Vaccine. In Review.