Jesse Golinkoff, MPH

Associate Fellow

Research Project Manager, University of Pennsylvania's School of Nursing

Public Health Interests

Health Communication, Health Equity, LGBTQ, Qualitative Methods

Current Public-Health Related Activities

Jesse hopes to engage research participants as collaborators to identify and investigate topics of significance to the community. Additionally, Jesse's aim is to work with study collaborators to make research results accessible and meaningful to the public.

Selected Publications:

Bauermeister, J. A., Golinkoff, J. M., Muessig, K. E., Horvath, K. J., & Hightow-Weidman, L. B. (2017). Addressing engagement in technology-based behavioural HIV interventions through paradata metrics. Current Opinion in HIV and AIDS, 12(5), 442-446. doi:10.1097/coh.0000000000000396

Frasso, R., Golinkoff, A., Klusaritz, H., Kellom, K., Kollar-McArthur, H., Miller-Day, M., Gabby, R., Cronholm, P. (2017). How Nurse-Led Practices Perceive Implementation of the Patient-Centered Medical Home. Applied Nursing Research, 34, 34–39.

A. Golinkoff, Moriah Hall, Willie Baronet, Carolyn Cannuscio, and Rosemary Frasso.  Cardboard Commentary: A Qualitative Analysis of the Signs From America’s Streets. American Journal of Public Health: November 2016, Vol. 106, No. 11, pp. 1977-1978. doi: 10.2105/AJPH.2016.303290