Domenic Vitiello, PhD, MCP

Domenic Vitiello, PhD, MCP
Senior Fellow

Associate Professor, Department of City & Regional Planning, UPenn School of Design

Public Health Interests

Environmental Health, Policy

Current Public-Health Related Activities

Domenic Vitiello is an urban historian and planner whose public health-related research focuses on urban agriculture's roles and impacts in community food systems. Since 2008, with support from CPHI, USDA, and other funders, he has documented food production and distribution from community gardens and urban farms in Philadelphia, Camden, Trenton, Chicago, and other U.S. cities with students and colleagues including CPHI fellow Jeane Ann (JA) Grisso. Domenic and JA led a national study of food banks' involvement in local agriculture, and have helped cities and civic organizations develop food and urban agriculture policy and support systems. With Penn Planning and Veterinary Medicine student Catherine Brinkley, Domenic has documented the long history of public health and urban planning practitioners' relationships with urban agriculture. Domenic's current research in this area compares urban agriculture in the global North and South and examines urban agriculture's influence on harm reduction and on the mental and physical health of immigrant, refugee, and aging communities. He teaches City Planning 621: Metropolitan Food Systems. Faculty page:

Select Publications:

Domenic Vitiello, Jeane Ann Grisso, Rebecca Fischman, and K. Leah Whiteside, “From Commodity Surplus to Food Justice: Food Banks and Local Agriculture in the United States,” Agriculture and Human Values (online 2014, print 2015). *Based on research funded by a CPHI pilot grant.

Domenic Vitiello and Laura Wolf-Powers, “Growing Food to Grow Cities? The Potential of Agriculture for Local Economic Development in the Urban United States,” Community Development Journal (online 2014, print 2015).

Domenic Vitiello and Catherine Brinkley, “The Hidden History of Food System Planning,” Journal of Planning History vol.13, no.2 (May 2014), 91-112.

Catherine Brinkley and Domenic Vitiello, “From Farm to Nuisance: Animal Agriculture and the Rise of Planning Regulation,” Journal of Planning History vol.13, no.2 (May 2014), 113-135.