David Barnes, PhD

David Barnes, PhD
Senior Fellow

Associate Professor, SAS/HIstory & Sociology of Science

Public Health Interests

Community/Population Health

Current Public-Health Related Activities

Dr. Barnes's work focuses on the history of infectious disease, epidemiology, and public health. His research has focused on the Bacteriological Revolution and its effect on public health and 19th centry European (esp. French) social and cultural history.

Select Publications:

The Great Stink of Paris and the Nineteenth-Century Struggle against Filth and Germs (Johns Hopkins University Press, 2006)

The Making of a Social Disease: Tuberculosis in Nineteenth-Century France (University of California Press, 1995)

"Targeting Patient Zero," in Flurin Condrau and Michael Worboys, eds., Tuberculosis Then and Now: Perspectives on the History of an Infectious Disease (Montreal, QC and Kingston, ON: McGill-Queen's University Press, 2010), 49-71.

“Confronting Sensory Crisis in the Great Stinks of London and Paris,” in William A. Cohen and Ryan Johnson, eds., Filth: Dirt, Disgust, and Modern Life (Minneapolis: University of Minnesota Press, 2005).