Carmen E. Guerra, MD, MSCE

Carmen E.  Guerra, MD, MSCE
Senior Fellow

Associate Professor of Medicine

Public Health Interests

Health Services Research, Social Determinants of Health

Current Public-Health Related Activities

My research and public health interest has been improving public health by increasing cancer screening rates, particularly in vulnerable populations such as racial ethnic minorities, low SES, and patients with traditionally low cancer screening adherence rates. To address disparities in cancer screening, I have created the first cancer screening navigation programs at UPHS (for colorectal, breast and cervical cancer screening) and conducted studies to evaluate their effectiveness cost-effectiveness.

Select Presentations and Papers:

Guerra CE, Schwartz JS, Armstrong K, Brown JS, Hughes Halbert C, Shea JA.  Barriers of and Facilitators to Physician Recommendation of Colorectal Cancer Screening.  J Gen Intern Med.  2007;22(12): 1681-1688.

Guerra CE, Jacobs SE, Holmes J, Shea JA.  Are Physicians Discussing Prostate Cancer Screening with their Patients and Why or Why Not? J Gen Intern Med. 2007;22(7):901-907.

Pagan, JA, Brown CJ, Asch DA, Armstrong K, Bastida E, Guerra CE. Health Literacy and Breast Cancer Screening among Mexican American Women in South Texas.  J Cancer Ed.  2012 Mar 27: (1):132-7.

Ramos, J, Mehta, S; Lamanna, A; Kochman, M; Guerra, C.  Cost-Effectiveness Analysis of the First Year of a Colorectal Cancer (CRC) Screening Patient Navigation Program at an Academic Medical Center.  Abstract presented at Academy Health, June, 2014 and Digestive Disease Weekly, May, 2014.