Ashlee Halbritter, MPH

Ashlee Halbritter, MPH
Associate Fellow

Director, Campus Health

Public Health Interests

Data Analysis, Education, Epidemiology, Policy

Current Public-Health Related Activities

Ashlee Halbritter is the Director of Campus Health where she serves as the lead staff person for Penn’s public health office. She oversees various health policy efforts, health education and promotion in nine different topic areas, and disease surveillance and response efforts. Prior to coming to Penn, Ashlee spent several years of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention where she worked in built environment, health communication, sexually transmitted disease prevention, and food-borne disease outbreaks.

Select Publications:

Lederer, A; Oswalt, S; Halbritter A; Day, C. “Trends in College Students’ Mental Health Diagnoses and Utilization of Services, 2009-2015. American College Health Association Annual Conference, June 2017.

Drinkard, L.; Huxta, R.; Halbritter, A.; Nguyen, G.; Malebranche, D. “The Case for Extragenital Screening of Chlamydia trachomatis and Neisseria gonorrhoeae in the College Health Setting.” Sexually Transmitted Diseases. May 2017; 44(5): 274–277.

Drinkard, L., Halbritter, A., Nguyen, G., Sertich, P., King, M., Bowman, S., Huxta, R., Guagenti, M., “Notes from the Field: Outbreak of Cryptosporidiosis Among Veterinary Medicine Students—Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, February 2015.” CDC MMWR, 2015 64(28):773.2009;58:1341–4

Drinkard, L., Halbritter A., and Huxta, R. “The Case for Extragenital Screening of Gonorrhea and Chlamydia in the College-Aged Population.” American College Health Association Annual Conference, May 2015.

Halbritter, A., Zaruba Fountaine,J. “Using Social Media in Health Promotion: A Review and How to Evaluate It.” American College Health Association, Member Development Committee webinar, February 2014.

Halbritter, A. ”Evaluation Framework” Student Affairs Leadership Team Annual Conference, June 2013.

Halbritter, A. “Community Engagement and Partnership Development for STD Prevention.” Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s Division of Leadership and Practice Grand Rounds. Atlanta, 2012.

Halbritter, A & Avula D. “Community Approaches to Reducing STDs: Mid-point program results.” National STD Prevention Conference, Minneapolis, 2012.

Prue, C.E., Barton Behravesh, C.,  Mahon, C., Ward-Cameron, C., Brooks, C., Halbritter, A., Mitchell, J., Smith, J. “Using Formative Research to Improve Messages about the Risks of Raw Milk.” National Conference on Health Communication, Marketing and Media, Atlanta, 2011.

Halbritter, A. “Built Environment Overview.” Congress for New Urbanism, Pre-Urban Lab. Atlanta, 2010.