Anne Esacove, PhD

Anne Esacove, PhD
Associate Fellow

Associate Director, Alice Paul Center

Public Health Interests

HIV/AIDS, Policy, Women's Health

Current Public-Health Related Activities

My professional experience and research focus on gender, sexual health, social inequality, and health promotion. My recently published book, Modernizing Sexuality, follows U.S. HIV-prevention policy in Sub-Saharan Africa as its broad directives are translated into prevention interventions and integrated into the lives of individuals. I am currently working on two projects: 1) a working group with the aim of developing research on and informing policy relating to LGBTQ youth and their families and 2) a study of the national death movement (e.g., home funerals, green burial) with a focus on the corpse.

Select Publications:

Esacove, Anne. 2016. Modernizing Sexuality. U.S. HIV-Prevention Policy in Sub-Saharan Africa. New York: Oxford University Press.

Esacove, Anne. 2013. “Good sex / Bad sex. The individualised focus of U.S. global HIV-prevention policy in Sub-Saharan Africa, 1995-2005.” Sociology of Health & Illness, 35(1): 33-48.

Esacove, Anne. 2010. “Love matches. Heteronormativity, modernity and AIDS prevention in Malawi.” Gender & Society, 24(1): 83-109.

Esacove, Anne. 2008 “Making sense of sex. Moving beyond intentionality.” Culture, Health and Sexuality, 10(4): 377 – 390.