CPHI Supports a smoke and tobacco-free Penn campus

outdoor diningThe Center for Public Health Initiatives would like to publicly acknowledge our support for a smoke and tobacco-free Penn campus. The CPHI believes strongly that a bold policy change of this type is essential to move the agenda of a healthier campus environment forward. As the largest employer in the city of Philadelphia, we need to send the message that we care about health of our employees as well as our students and the surrounding community. The detrimental health effects of smoking and second hand smoke are well established. It is critical to include the entire campus in the ban on tobacco, not just the public buildings. Other universities have demonstrated a 23% reduction in smoking uptake among new students since they instituted campus-wide bans. We are excited to think that we could be the first Ivy League school to take this stance. We would be joining the over 1,000 campuses across the country that have already become smoke-free, including some right here in the city of Philadelphia.

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Smoke Free Penn infographic