Christina A. Roberto, PhD

Christina A. Roberto, PhD
Senior Fellow

Assistant Professor, Perelman School of Medicine, Medical Ethics and Health Policy

Public Health Interests

Chronic Medical Conditions, Nutrition, Policy

Current Public-Health Related Activities

Christina A. Roberto, Ph.D. is an Assistant Professor of Medical Ethics and Health Policy at the Perelman School of Medicine at the University of Pennsylvania. She is a psychologist and epidemiologist whose research aims to identify and understand factors that promote unhealthy eating behaviors and design interventions to improve eating habits. Christina is principal investigator of the Psychology of Eating And Consumer Health (PEACH) lab. In her work, she draws upon the fields of psychology, marketing, behavioral economics, and population health to answer research questions that can provide policymakers and institutions with science-based guidance.

Select Publications:

Roberto, C.A., Larsen, P.D., Agnew, H., Baik, J., & Brownell, K.D.: Evaluating the impact of menu labeling on consumers’ food choices and intake. American Journal of Public Health 100: 312-318, 2010.

Roberto, C.A. & Kawachi, I.: Using psychology and behavioral economics to promote healthy eating. American Journal of Preventive Medicine 47: 832-7, 2014.

Roberto, C.A., Swinburn, B., Hawkes, C., Huang, T.T-K., Costa, S.A., Ashe, M., Zwicker, L., Cawley, J.H., Brownell, K.D.: Patchy progress on obesity prevention: Emerging exemplars, entrenched barriers, and new thinking. The Lancet, 2015.

Brownell, K.D. & Roberto, C.A.: Strategic science with policy impact. The Lancet, 2015.