Sharona Sokolow, PhD, MPH

Sharona Sokolow, PhD, MPH

CPHI Adjunct Fellow

Title: Environmental Communications Consultant, UCLA

Public Health Interests:

Climate change, built environment, health impact assessment.

Current Public-Health Related Activities:

My work aims to advance the connection between climate change,  drought, and their potential impacts on human health through Health Impact Assessment (HIA). HIA is a method to factor human health issues into the policy making process, and contributes to the notion that opportunities for advancing and improving the public’s health lie beyond the purview of traditional health care systems. Through this HIA work, I developed relationships and collaborated with key policymakers and stakeholders in water and public health communities. This interdisciplinary collaboration is essential for ensuring that recommendations resulting from HIA are appropriate and feasible, and to aid the potential for an understanding of health impacts to be integrated policymaking process.

Select Publications:

Cole BL, Sokolow S. 2014.  Public Health Impacts of Urban Water Conservation in California: Opportunities to Maximize Co-benefits and Minimize Harm With Case-Study Analysis of Water Conservation In the City of Burbank.  Prepared by the UCLA Fielding School of Public Health's Health Impact Assessment Project in collaboration with The Los Angeles County Department of Public Health.  Available at

Sokolow, S., Godwin, H., Cole, BL. (2016) Impacts of Urban Water Conservation Strategies on Energy, Greenhouse Gas Emissions, and Health: Southern California as a Case Study. American Journal of Public Health: May 2016, Vol. 106, No. 5, pp. 941-948.