Rosemary Frasso, PhD, MSc, CPH

Rosemary Frasso, PhD, MSc, CPH
CPHI Senior Fellow

Title: Director of Education, Masters of Public Health Program
Lecturer, Masters of Public Health Program, Family Medicine and Community Health, School of Medicine and School of Social Policy & Practice

Public Health Interests:

Improving access to physical and mental health services for vulnerable populations, health disparities, health literacy and qualitative methodologies.

Current Public-Health Related Activities:

Dr. Rosemary Frasso is a lecturer in the Public Health program (Family Medicine and Community Health), and the School of Social Policy & Practice. Rosemary, an alumna of the University of Pennsylvania's School of Social Policy & Practice, was awarded a PhD in 2011. Prior to coming to Penn Rosemary earned two Masters Degrees at the Harvard School of Public Health (one in Maternal Child Health and the other in Society, Human Development and Health) and she holds national certification in Public Health (CPH). Rosemary has been teaching in the public health and social work arenas for several years and was awarded The Center for Teaching and Learning's Fellowship in 2009/2010.

Rosemary has extensive experience in the healthcare setting, and has a clinical and administrative background. Additionally, Rosemary worked for the Massachusetts Department of Public Health on projects related to improving access to mammography for women with disabilities. Rosemary's research interest include improving access to physical and mental health services for vulnerable populations, maternal child health, health disparities and health literacy.

Recently Rosemary collaborated with Ian Bennett on a project exploring the association between pre-teen literacy and teen childbearing, published in the April edition of Contraception. Next fall at APHA, Rosie will be presenting the findings of a formative evaluation of CHOP's Homeless Health Initiative (HHI). This project was done in collaboration with Drs. Bourjolly (SP2) and Chang (PSOM), Karen Hudson MSW (CHOP), and Nishika Vidanage (now a Penn MPH alum). The team conducted a series of in-depth interviews and free listing exercises with mother’s living in Philadelphia’s homeless shelter system and the volunteers that provide their children healthcare. Recently, Rosie became an affiliated faculty member of the Mixed Methods Research Lab. Currently she is working with Dr. Shiriki Kumanyika, Jane Seymore, Karen Vaccaro and the members of the Philadelphia Health Department, on a project examining consumer perspectives to inform the City’s Healthy Supermarket Pledge Program. The project employs a variety of qualitative approaches including focus groups and walking interviews.

Select Presentations and Papers:

Rosemary Frasso, PhD, MSc, CPH, Joyce Chang, MD, Joretha Bourjolly, PhD, Karen Hudson, MSW, Nishika Vidanage, MPH, Frang Barg, PhD. "Understanding the health care needs of children in shelter." To be presented at APHA on November 5, 2013.

Fitzgerald EA, Frasso R, Dean LT, Johnson TE, Solomon S, Bugos E, Mallya G, Cannuscio CC. "Community-generated recommendations regarding the urban nutrition and tobacco environments: a photo-elicitation study in Philadelphia." Preventing Chronic Dieseases, 2013 Jun 13;10:E98

Bennett IM, Frasso R, Bellamy SL, Wortham S, Gross KS. "Pre-teen literacy and subsequent teenage childbearing in a US population." Contraception, 2013 Apr;87(4):459-64

Rosemary Frasso, MSc, CPH, Ian Bennett, MD, PhD,  Jennifer Culhane, PhD. Dyslexia and Low Health Literacy: The Experiences of a Mother with a Reading Disability in the Healthcare Setting. Presented at 2nd Annual Health Literacy Research Conference in Bethesda, Maryland on October 18-19, 2010

Rosemary Frasso, MSc, CPH, Joan Davitt, PhD, Joretha Bourjolly PhD. "Healthcare Outcomes and Quality of Life." Presented at APHA, November 6-11, 2010

Rosemary Frasso, MSc, CPH, Roberta Sands, PhD. "Meta-Synthesis of Qualitative Findings on Perceived Barriers to and Facilitators of Screening Mammography for Marginalized Populations." Presented at The International Council on Women’s Health Issues, Philadelphia, PA, April 7-10, 2010