Rachel Blumenfeld, MPH

Rachel Blumenfeld, MPH

CPHI Adjunct Fellow

Title: Surveillance Coordinator, Birth Defects and Congenital Zika Infections, City of Philadelphia/Dept. of Public Health
Email: rlb5069@gmail.com

Public Health Interests:

Sexual and reproductive health, Latino health, Zika, family planning, global health, unplanned pregnancy prevention, Spanish, Portuguese.

Current Public-Health Related Activities:

Currently I serve as the Congenital Zika and Birth Defects Surveillance Coordinator for the City of Philadelphia. I bring with me several years of experience working at CDC, most recently on Zika surveillance in Puerto Rico, as well as vast experiences working both globally and domestically.

Select Publications:

Shapiro-Mendoza CK, Rice ME, Galang RR, et al. Pregnancy Outcomes After Maternal Zika Virus Infection During Pregnancy — U.S. Territories, January 1, 2016–April 25, 2017. MMWR Morb Mortal Wkly Rep 2017;66:615-621. DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.15585/mmwr.mm6623e1.

Blumenfeld, R. L., & Andes, K. L. (2015). Comunicación entre Padres y Niños sobre la Salud de los Adolescentes en el Bañado Sur, Asunción, Paraguay. Un estudio cualitativo. Revista De Salud Pública Del Paraguay, 5(2), 8-14.

Demment MM, Peters K, Dykens JA, Dozier A, Nawaz H, McIntosh S, Smith JS, Sy A, Irwin T, Fogg TT, Khaliq M, Blumenfeld R, Massoudi M, Dye TD (2015) Developing the Evidence Base to Inform Best Practice: A Scoping Study of Breast and Cervical Cancer Reviews in Low- and Middle-Income Countries. PLoS ONE 10(9): e0134618. DOI: 10.1371/journal.pone.0134618.

Blumenfeld R (2014) Paternal-Adolescent Communication of Risky Behaviors in Asunción, Paraguay: A Qualitative Study. Master’s Thesis, Emory Rollins School of Public Health, Hubert Department of Global Health.