Patty Skuster, JD, MA

Patty Skuster, JD, MA
CPHI Adjunct Fellow

Title: Senior Policy Advisor, Ipas

Public Health Interests:

public health law; reproductive health; human rights; abortion; global health

Current Public-Health Related Activities:

Patty Skuster improves global reproductive health by leading the legal work of Ipas, an NGO that promotes access to safe abortion in Africa, Asia and Latin America. Patty helps ensure laws and policies on abortion comply with international human rights standards. T hrough training and publications, Patty works to reduce legal barriers to safe abortion access. She has furthered the right to abortion through advocacy with the United Nations Human Rights system and the African Commission on Human and Peoples’ Rights. Patty has published on abortion in U.S. foreign policy, parental consent, conscientious objection, fetal rights, and interpretation of abortion laws.

Select Publications:

Skuster, P. (2013). Young Women and Abortion: Avoiding Legal and Policy Barriers. Ipas.

Skuster, P. and Wolf, M. (2010). North Carolina and global reproductive health: for better and worse. North Carolina Medical Journal, 71:5(467-470).

Skuster, P. (2009). Implementing the mental health indication to help ensure access to safe abortion. Medicine and Law, 28(419-432).

Skuster, P. (2004). Advocacy in whispers: T he impact of the USAID global gag rule upon free speech and free association in the context of abortion law reform in three east African countries. University of Michigan Journal of Gender and Law, 11(97-126).