Public Health Pipeline Program

Stream Sampling with CEET
Pipeline Plus Interns Greening a Vacant Lot with PHS
What is Public Health Pipeline Plus?

Public Health Pipeline Plus is a 6 week summer internship program, funded by Philadelphia Youth Network, for Philadelphia high school students interested in health professions.Pipeline Plus is facilitated through a partnership between the Penn Center for Public Health Initiatives and the Penn Netter Center for Community Partnerships. Through this program, Pipeline Plus interns learn public health concepts, develop college and career readiness skills, and experience hands-on public health work through field-based activities

Public Health Activities:
  • Stream sampling
  • Lead soil testing
  • Air quality monitoring
  • Healthy cooking class
  • Vacant lot greening
  • Indego Bike Safety course
  • CDC Quarantine Station visit
  • Prevention Point Naloxone training
  • Tobacco and sugar-sweetened beverage advertising audits
Who is involved?

Pipeline Plus served 17 teens from West Philadelphia and Kensington in the summer of 2017. Students are recruited predominantly through Penn’s Moelis Access Science school-year STEM programs.

Program Breakdown:

Pipeline Plus programming provides interns with an interactive learning environment that allows engaging public health and professional development lessons to real-world public health activities. The curriculum focuses on four major public health areas: Environmental Health, Chronic Disease Prevention, Injury Prevention, and Infectious Disease.

Program Partners:
  • Youth Heart Watch
  • Pennsylvania Horticulture Society
  • Bicycle Coalition of Greater Philadelphia
  • Take Control Philly
  • CDC Philadelphia Quarantine Station
  • Smoke Free Philly
  • Penn Center of Excellence in Environmental Toxicology
  • Penn Injury Science Center

CPHI interviewed students and wrote a blog post about the program in August. Check it out!