Marian Reiff, PhD, MSc

CPHI Senior Fellow

Title: Assessment Specialist, Counseling & Psychological Services

Public Health Interests:

Mental health, Stress and coping, Holistic health

Current Public-Health Related Activities:

I have a Ph.D in Sociomedical Sciences from Columbia University (specializing in public health and medical anthropology), and I am a licensed clinical social worker. My research experience includes projects involving traditional healing, stigma, trauma, migration, stress, provider-patient communication, and genetic testing. I approach health and prevention in an integrated way, and understand illness and healing in a cultural context. In my current position, I monitor and evaluate outreach and prevention programs designed to promote mental wellness on campus.

Select Publications:


Reiff, M, E. Bugos, B. Bernhardt,, P. Sankar, N. Spinner, S. Mulchandani. "Set in stone" or "ray of hope":  Parents' beliefs about cause and prognosis after genomic testing of children diagnosed with ASD. Journal of Autism and Developmental Disorders (2017) 47(5), 1453-1463.

Reiff, M., D. Castille, K. Muenzenmaier, BG Link. Childhood trauma and adult psychotic symptoms. Psychological Theory, Trauma, Research, Practice and Policy (Jun 20, 2011).

Reiff, M., F. Kronenberg, M. Balick, P. Lohr, B. O'Connor, A. Fugh-Berman. Ethnomedicine in the Urban Environment: Latino Healers in New York City. Human Organization (2003) 62(1):12-26.

Reiff, M., H. Zakut & M. Weingarten  Immigration and medicine: Illness and treatment perceptions of Ethiopian immigrants and their doctors in Israel. American Journal of Public Health (1999) 89 (12): 1814-1818.