Luis-Eduardo Torrens

Luis-Eduardo Torrens
Adjunct Fellow

Preparedness Field Assignee

Public Health Interests

Health Equity, Infectious Disease, Policy

Current Public-Health Related Activities

I’m a Public Health Advisor with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). I have worked on efforts to strengthen our public health system, both domestically and internationally. I have supported CDC’s efforts against the Ebola and Zika virus, and managed public health programs at a state level. My journey in Public Health started by conducting a study on obesity of Latinos in the Bronx, and has taken me to the U.S. – Mexican border to research the deaths of undocumented border crossers. I hope to use my experience and passion for Public Health to support the mission of CPHI.

Select Publications:

Chambers, E., Schechter, C., Tow, A., Torrens, L., Kohlieber, R., & Calderon, R. (2010). Household Density in Young Black and White Adults. Ethnicity and Disease

Lucan SC, Maroko AR, Burnol J, Torrens, L, Varoma M, Berke EM. (2013) Business List Vs Ground Observation for Measuring a Food Environment: Saving Time or Waste of Time. J Acad Nutrition Diet

Lucan SC, Varona M, Maroko AR, Burnol J, Torrens L, Wylie-Rosett J. (2013) Assessing mobile food vendors (a.k.a. street food vendors) – methods, challenges, and lessons learned for future food-environment research. Public Health

Lucan SC, Maroko A, Burnol J, Varona M, Torrens L, Schechter C. (2014) Mobile food vendors in urban neighborhoods—implications for diet and diet-related health by weather and season. Health & Place.