Gala True, PhD

Gala True, PhD
CPHI Adjunct Fellow

Title: Associate Professor at Tulane University; Research Scientist at the Department of Veterans Affairs

Public Health Interests:

Veterans, Narrative Research, Qualitative Methods, Patient-Centered Research

Current Public-Health Related Activities:

Gala True, PhD, is a medical anthropologist and folklorist whose research focuses on understanding and reducing health disparities and access to care through a patient-centered focus. Her current work involves the use of narrative and ethnography to understand barriers to mental health care for veterans returning from combat deployments in Iraq and Afghanistan. She is also part of a team funded by the NIH Office of Research Integrity to develop interventions to ensure research integrity of community-based research studies that employ community members to conduct front-line research activities. Dr. True collaborates with a number of investigators at the Philadelphia VA Medical Center and University of Pennsylvania to integrate qualitative and mixed-methods research approaches to public health research.

Select Publications:

Melissa Dichter and Gala True: "This is the story of why my military career ended before it should have:" Premature Separation from Military Service among U.S. Women Veterans. AFFILIA: Journal of Women and Social Work Forthcoming, 2014.

Kenneth Richman, Leslie Alexander, Gala True: How do Street-Level Research Workers Think about the Ethics of Doing Research "On the Ground" with Marginalized Target Populations? American Journal of Bioethics Primary Research Forthcoming, 2014.

Gala True, Khary Rigg, Anneliese Butler: Understanding Barriers to Mental Health Care for Recent War Veterans through Photovoice. Qualitative Health Research forthcoming, 2014.

Gala True, Greg Stewart, Michelle Lampman, Mary Pelak, Samantha Solimeo: Teamwork and Delegation in Medical Homes: Primary Care Staff Perspectives in the Veterans Health Administration. Journal of General Internal Medicine 29(2): 632-639, 2014. PMCID: DOI: 10.1007/s11606-013-2666-z

Eva Bugos, Rosemary Frasso, Elizabeth FitzGerald, Gala True, Anna M. Adachi-Mejia, Carolyn Cannuscio: Practical Guidance and Ethical Considerations for Studies Using Photo-Elicitation Interviews. Preventing Chronic Disease Forthcoming, 2014