Engagement Opportunities for CPHI Fellows

MPH Program

  • Teach in the MPH Program or being available for individual lectures in MPH courses
  • Mentor MPH students on capstone projects
  • Serve on MPH committees
  • Provide content, methodological and career advice to MPH students
  • Serve on MPH Capstone Panels
  • Serve as a preceptor for MPH student fieldwork activity

Sharing your research and Networking

  • Participate in our annual Seminar Series, Meet and Greets, and other CPHI events
  • Write for or be featured in the CPHI blog / website / newsletter / social media
  • Share your publications and accomplishments with CPHI staff so we can promote your work

Community-engaged Activities

  • Collaborate with Center staff on community-based activities, including ServiceLink and CPHI School-based initiatives


  • Collaborate on continuing education “institutes” such as the Summer Institute on GIS and Public Health or the Winter Institute on Qualitative and Mixed Methods Research
  • Co-host symposiums or workshops