Dikla Sity, JD

Dikla Sity, JD
CPHI Adjunct Fellow

Title: Attorney
Email: diklas@alumni.law.upenn.edu

Public Health Interests:

International Health Care Systems, Equality, Child Health, Affordable Care Act, Public Health Education, Quality of Life, Medical Ethics, Physician- Patient Interaction, Shared Decision Making, Accessibility, Obesity, mobile-Health.

Current Public Health Related Activities:

Over the past decade, I have dedicated my professional career to the advancement of health care laws and policies. Working as an attorney and policy advisor with the Israeli Medical Association (IMA), Office of the Secretary General’s, I was charged with designing the organization’s public, strategic and legislative agenda. In this role, I also served as a liaison between the medical community and the Israeli Parliament. In addition, I had close familiarity with all relevant stakeholders including the legislature, Israeli State officials, executive branch, media, professional guilds, and the courts.

I was an integral part of numerous legislative and policy drafting initiatives, high profile Supreme Court litigations, and regulatory task-forces. I also led a comprehensive strategic review of the Israeli healthcare system, which was presented to the Ministry of Health and proposed a fundamental national reform in the medical treatment provided in hospitals and clinics.

My passion and dedication towards public health has led me to pursue a Masters in Law degree (L.L.M), at Penn Law, specializing in health care law and policy, where I graduated with honors. During my studies, I was a member of the Health Law and Policy group (HeLPP), and was part of the student research team for PolicyLab at CHOP. I was also a board member and head of Pro Bono Projects of the International Lawyers Organization for Human Rights (ILOHR).

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*All published in Hebrew.