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Thursday, 10/16/2014 5:00-6:30pm

Class of 49' Auditorium, Houston Hall

3417 Spruce St.

CPHI Seminar Series: "Substance Abuse, Violence, and HIV: Changing Environments to Reduce Risk" with Philippe Bourgoise & Brian Work, MD, MPH RSVP

Wednesday, 10/22/2014


Harrison Auditorium, Penn Museum

3260 South St.

CPHI Seminar Series: "The Life You Can Save: Effective Giving to Improve the Health & Welfare of the Globe" with Peter Singer, BPhil, MA RSVP

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Friday, 11/07/2014


Class of '55 Terrace Room Claudia Cohen Hall, Ground Floor

249 S. 36th St.

Evidence-based Public Health Series: "From the Streets to the ER: The Opiod Analgesic Epidemic" with Jeanmarie Perrone, MD & David R. Gastfriend, MD RSVP

Friday, 11/14/2014


John Morgan Reunion Auditorium

CPHI Seminar Series: "Intersections: The Impact of Sexual Orientation, Gender Identity, and Race/Ethnicity on Health" with Alicia K. Matthews, PhD RSVP

Thursday, 11/20/2014


Huntsman Hall, Room G50

3730 Walnut St.

CPHI Seminar Series: "Fact, Fiction, & Local Action: Resetting the Norm for Tobacco Use in Behavioral Health Settings" with Robert A. Schnoll, PhD & Ryan Coffman, MPH, CHES RSVP

Friday, 12/05/2014


Houston Hall, Bodek Lounge

3417 Spruce St.

CPHI Seminar Series: "Immigrant Health, Workforce Diversity, & Cross-Cultural Community" with Jose Ramon Fernandez-Pena, MD, MPA & Katherine Yun, MD RSVP

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