Arnold Eiser, MD

Arnold Eiser, MD
CPHI Adjunct Fellow

Title: Professor of Medicine, Drexel University College of Medicine

Public Health Interests:

Healthcare disparities, improvement of the quality of medical care, advocacy for primary care, inter-professional collaboration and education

Current Public-Health Related Activities:

As the Secretary-Treasurer of the Institute of Medicine of Chicago, I helped coordinate regional collaborations on improving diabetes care. As Chief of General Internal Medicine at the University of Illinois developed several research collaborations with the School of Public Health regarding improving diabetes care for minority populations. As Chair of the Health and Public Policy Committee for the PA chapter of the American College of Physicians, I had the opportunity to advance the cause of primary care statewide and nationally and advocate for improved resources for primary care. As Vice President of Medical Education for the Mercy Health System I advocated for inter-professional collaboration and education.

Select Publications:

B.S. Gerber, I.G. Brodsky, K.A. Lawless, L.I. Smolin, A.M. Arozullah, E.V. Smith, M.L. Berbaum, P.S. Heckerling, A.R. Eiser. Implementation and Evaluation of a Low-Literacy Diabetes Education Computer Multimedia Application. Diabetes Care; 28 (7) 56-63, 2005

Schwartz A, Mosnain H, Eiser AR, L. Lincoln, Elstein A. Patient-Physician Fit: A Exploratory Study of a new Instrument. Medical Decisionmaking 26:122-133, March 2006

Eiser AR, Ellis G. Cultural Competence and the Care of the African American patient, Acad Med 82: 176-183, 2007.

Choitz P, Johnson MP, Berhane Z, Lefever G. Anderson JK, Eiser AR. Urban Fitness Centers: removing barriers to exercise in underserved communities. Journal Healthcare of the Poor and Undeserved (2010) 21(1): 221-8.