Anupama Nallari, PhD

CPHI Adjunct Fellow

Title: Research Associate, Children's Environment Research Group (CERG)

Public Health Interests:

Child development, Urban poor environments, housing, sanitation, built-environment, adolescent girls, urban policy, common space, participatory research

Current Public-Health Related Activities:

I am a recent PhD graduate from the City University of New York, where I specialized in the impact of the environment on children’s overall growth and development.

I have extensive hands-on experience working with families and children in urban poor communities in India, and in collaborating with local and international agencies that support and empower them. I have also worked closely with public institutions in New York City to address children’s play in public parks and schools. Through these experiences, I have engaged with leading international agencies including the Bernard Van Leer Foundation, Save the Children, UNICEF and local NGOs.

My experience spans the health, child development, education, and environment sectors; my skills include environmental design programming, participatory action and research, and developing universal child-friendly community indicators.

Select Publications:

Nallari, Anupama (2015). "All we want are toilets inside our homes!": The critical role of sanitation in the lives of urban poor adolescent girls in Bengaluru, India’. Environment and Urbanization 27: 73-88

Nallari, Anupama (2014). Child-led Tours and 3D Interior Scaled Model of Preschool. In Johnson, V., Hart, R., & Colwell, J. (Eds). Steps to Engaging Young Children in Research (Vol. 2). University of Brighton