Angeline Sangalang, PhD

Angeline Sangalang, PhD

CPHI Adjunct Fellow

Title: Assistant Professor, Department of Communication, University of Dayton

Public Health Interests:

Health communication campaigns; public health interventions; health and media

Current Public-Health Related Activities:

Angeline (LeeAnn) Sangalang (Ph.D., University of Southern California) is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Communication at the University of Dayton. Dr. Sangalang's research explores the intersection of health communication, mass media, and persuasion. Her work investigates how the media environment contributes to health behavior and the potential for using narrative messages in health campaigns to minimize message resistance and promote health outcomes.

Select Publications:

Gratale, S.K., Maloney, E.K., Sangalang, A., & Cappella, J.N. (in press). The influence of Natural American Spirit advertising on current and former smokers’ misperceptions and intentions. Tobacco Control.

Sangalang, A., Volinsky, A.C., Yang, Q., Liu, J., Lee, S., Gibson, L.A., Hornik, R.C. (2016). Identifying promising campaign themes to prevent youth initiation of electronic cigarette use. Philadelphia, PA: UPenn Tobacco Center of Regulatory Science, Annenberg School for Communication, University of Pennsylvania.

Riles, J. M., Sangalang, A., Hurley, R. J., & Tewksbury, D. (2015). Framing cancer for online news: Implications for popular perceptions of cancer. Journal of Communication, 6(65), 1018-1040.

Sangalang, A. (2015). The need for communication research in regulatory science: Electronic cigarettes as a case study. International Journal of Communication, 9, 3485-3493. Special Section on Communication in Action: Bridging Research and Policy.