Anastasia Hudgins, PhD

Anastasia Hudgins, PhD
CPHI Adjunct Fellow

Title: Co-Founder, Ethnologica 


Public Health Interests:

Fracking and communities, sex work, Cambodian health system, Vietnamese drug policy and youth drug use, patients' experiences in the emergency department, the illness experience, the commons

Current Public-Health Related Activities:

Anastasia Hudgins is a sociocultural anthropologist with broad experience in qualitative research. Much of her work focuses on the relationships between health, human rights and social policy, and her methods prioritize the voices of those who experience a particular social problem in recognition that they are the experts on their lives. Most recently she has led research projects for UNICEF in collaboration with government ministries in Southeast Asia. In Viet Nam she developed an analysis of the relationship between Vietnamese drug laws and policies and their impact on minors, and in Cambodia she developed a handbook to guide healthcare providers in international best practices as they treat children who have been sexually or physically abused. She has also worked locally on projects related to patient-centered care in urban emergency rooms; perceptions of risk held by rural Pennsylvanians who live adjacent to hydraulic fracturing well sites; and efforts to acquaint Philadelphia youth with the watershed. Her academic research focused on debt-bonded sex workers in Cambodia and the NGOs that aimed to help them, as well as on the structure of the Cambodian health system. She recently co-founded Ethnologica, a consultancy firm that uses participatory and ethnographic research to provide insights about health and community. She has held full-time faculty appointments at Rutgers, Temple University and Indiana University of Pennsylvania where she taught courses in medical anthropology, visual anthropology and ethnographic research methods, among others. Anastasia has a PhD in Cultural Anthropology and a Women's Studies Certificate. She speaks French, Khmer and Spanish.

Select Publications:

2016 Hudgins, A and KL Rising. “Fear, Vulnerability and Sacrifice: Drivers of Emergency Department Use and Implications for Policy,” Social Science & Medicine. Published online: September 19, 2016. doi: 10.1016/j.socscimed.2016.09.030.

2016 Rising, KL, A Hudgins, M Reigle, JE Hollander, BG Carr. “I'm Just A Patient": Fear and Uncertainty as Drivers of Emergency Department Use in Patients With Chronic Disease,” Annals of Emergency Medicine. Published online: May 4, 2016. 

Hudgins, A., Poole, A., (2014). Framing fracking: private property, common resources, and regimes of governance. Journal of Political Ecology, 21, 303-319.

Hudgins, A. (2013). Fracking’s future in a coal mining past: subjectivity undermined. Culture, Agriculture, Food, and Environment, 35(1), 54-59.

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Hudgins, A. (2006) "Policies and Competing Understandings of Risk: Nongovernmental Organizations’ Discourses on Vietnamese Commercial Sex Workers in Cambodia." PhD dissertation. Temple University. Department of Anthropology.